Our Physicians

Harvey Nurick, M.D.

Though not my original field of endeavor as I majored in psychology at Brooklyn College, I found my true passion working in a hospital, initially as a trainee in Respiratory Therapy. From that experience to becoming a licensed R.T., teaching medical students and residents, and experiencing the visceral reality of the operating room, I realized where I belonged in the realm of healthcare. Through an odyssey involving 2 years in Guadalajara, Mexico to receiving an M.D. degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX to residency in surgery at Brown University in Providence, RI, and finally to Southern California where I experienced the Kaiser system of health care delivery, then a large multispecialty clinic in Riverside and to private practice. All of which have informed my commitment to a more personal vision of health care. Patient advocacy is my primary motive.

The ability of our Institute to navigate the obstructive and muddy waters of our healthcare system is based on our knowledge, experience, reputation, and determination.

The business end of medicine will not be allowed to rule our clinical decisions, or compromise out patient care.